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Hmm, I am a super sarcastic person. I'm straightforward, fearless in my bantering and open. I don't play games and I don't like people who do. I like to joke and kid, and people that get butt-hurt easily ruin that.

So among my many interests, sex is a huge one. There is pretty much nothing you could tell me about sex that would shock me at this point, but I still love hearing about it, and talking about it. After I set up my practice, my goal is to direct women's erotica (i.e porn). I think that porn right now is highly unrealistic, and could be ten times more erotic if the men weren't old, gross paunchy, and if the women didn't look like plastic, over-inflated Barbies. Also, those scenes where anal "just happens," or the dude spits in her twat for some form of lube? Oh my god, fucking rank!

I'm all for hardcore porn that wasn't made in a Motel 6 with women who look ridiculous. The average women in America can't relate to an unrealistic woman or some guy who ends up jizzing in her face. Honestly! Threesomes with attractive men would be hot, just as anal and rough sex would be hot if both people looked like they were getting mutually satisfied. There. My rant is done : )