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Traveling to the LA area for Halloween and hoping that my friends in the area have some tips or great spots for celebrating Halloween!! Pleeeease let me know any tips or tricks you might have haha!

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Is it just me, or have all the communities on here developed like 20 million rules?  This just makes it so un-fun to be a part of them.  It literally makes me not enjoy live journal anymore. Seriously people, de-regulate.
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I get so caught up in work or school that I forget to get the things out of me that I keep bottled up.  I'm going to strive to be better about posting here cyber world.  Look out, here I come : ) 
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Forgive me if this has been mentioned, but I'm just curious has anyone, especially the MAC verterans/employees, noticed the astonishing similarity between the two colors? I bought Saint Germaine, and then I thought of Melrose Mood (from Heatherette 2008) and they are literally the same color, if not 97% dead on. AND both are amplifieds... hmm MAC, what's up? Thoughts?
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So as I'm was working on finding pictures and shit, I stumbled across these pictures... we needed a costume quick, fast and in a hurry, sooooo we decided on hookers.  Anyways, enjoy a laugh at my expense : )

  Umm, yeah... so since we were hookers, we traded "services."  Hahaha!

  My partner in crime.  Yes, it is a beehive.  Yes, that is a gross outfit, but he still got cat calls... I don't think we could decide if we should be flattered or horrified.  The latter seems more appropriate.

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